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"Great quality, great service and the best turnaround of the dozen labs I've tried!"

Dr. John B., Cary, IL

"I did the whole cost-cutting thing with the predictable results.  I got tired of apologizing to patients for inferior appliances.  SDL gets all of my cases now."

"Jeff's work is outstanding!  Unsurpassed quality and esthetics!"

Dr. Steve H., Palatine IL

Dr. Michael, Arlington Heights, IL

“Andy is a man of his word and values patient comfort and satisfaction as much as I do.”

Dr. Doug, Elgin, IL

“I've been doing business with Satisfaction Dental for over 29 years and have sent them over 5,000 cases.  Every way I measure this lab, it is the best!”

Dr. Vince, Wheaton, IL

I can count on Satisfaction for quality, consistency, and personal service.  Their service gets the highest possible score.” 

Dr. Brett., Cary, IL

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