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We are excited to introduce you to our new digital prescription service, which provides a more efficient, secure and compliant way for you to store and exchange all of the patient information and casework you submit to our lab. By using our convenient online portal - powered by DDX - you instantly create a stronger, more productive online connection with our lab that allows you to:

Stay compliant.

If you use an online drop box, thumb drive or email to submit digital images and other prescription-related files, you run the risk of violating HIPAA regulations. Our secure digital exchange makes sure you can always meet the strictest standards for secure digital exchanges.

Increase casework efficiency.

DDX features an intelligent digital prescription to help you gather, package and double-check all of the x-rays, photos and documents you need to complete a lab case. This helps improve accuracy and keep errors to a minimum.

Protect your practice.

When you enter cases using DDX, it automatically backs up all of your casework on secure servers. That means you can always recover case and patient information quickly - even after an outage or disaster.

Take advantage of the technology you already use.

DDX offers fast, easy integration with a long and growing list of practice management software and restoration technologies.


Most importantly, going digital is easy. Just give us a call and we'll walk you through activating your free account, connecting securely with our lab in one minute and exchanging cases and receiving real-time status updates through our convenient online portal.

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