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Your Certified Dental Lab


Today there are more reasons than ever to look for this CDL insignia.  This symbol ensures that your dental lab has achieved the highest standards in dental laboratory science.  By partnering with a CDL, you can reassure your patients that the laboratory making their appliances:

  • has regular infection control training

  • performs rigorous infection control procedures

  • never, ever imports any part of your fabrication

  • ensures supervision of fabricating technicians

  • upholds quality and safety standards

  • maintains records of brand specific products used

  • exceeds government regulations

  • has a written re-make policy

  • uses an alloy labeling system so you can know what's in your mouth

  • offers area-specific expertise

When your patients ask you what's in their mouth, tell them you chose Satisfaction Dental Laboratories.  We've got your back!

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