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Who We Are

Satisfaction Dental Laboratories is a third-generation, family owned & operated, full service lab that has served the dental profession since 1929. SDL offers special expertise in complex, combination cases utilizing high-quality fixed and removable restorations.

Our Mission


Dentistry is relational. Understanding the needs of our clients is critical to establishing and maintaining that relationship.  Through you, we will come to understand the needs and expectations of your patients.  This symbiotic relationship is at the heart of what we do.



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People are asking "What's In My Mouth?"

With Satisfaction Dental, you have the answers.

About Us


Why Full Service Matters


In complex cases involving fixed and removable work, interdepartmental planning and coordination is essential for an exceptional, predictable result.  Our technicians not only coordinate with the doctor, but with each other, throughout the progress of your case.

On Time, Every Time

Quality work is of no value if it's not in your hands when the patient arrives.  With our in-house delivery and pickup service, it will be.  Regional delivery is handled by Fed Ex, UPS or Greenlight Express for their predictable, reliable service.

Certified Dental Technicians

Every technician at Satisfaction Dental has a minimum of twenty years experience in the dental field and participates in continuing education to stay abreast of new techniques and materials.  Working with Certified Dental Technicians ensures that you are working with specialists who exceed industry standards in every way.

Relentlessly Consistent


Precision is our passion and remakes are almost nonexistent. With the latest technology, the finest materials, and our highly experienced, long-term technicians, you get exceptional restorations, time after time. That means natural esthetics, precise margins, proper contours, accurate shades, and superior function. That means a happy patient and more referrals for your practice!

Text Messaging


Your time is valuable.  Calling in a pickup request can take 90 seconds.  Asking about a due date can take 2-3 minutes.  Texting pickup requests and other case information takes a fraction of the time. 

We value every minute of your day!

Video Conference


Imagine having an in-house Certified Dental Technician with you for a virtual visit with your patient. This technology allows your CDT to see what you see! We understand that your patient is not simply a stone model; real-time observation offers your CDT a more complete perspective and a more cohesive end-result for you and your patient.

Our Services


Years of Experience


Smiling  Clients


Master Certifications


Happy Staff


Andrew Becker

C.D.T., Owner

Andy is a third generation technician/owner. Andy consults and coordinates complex inter-departmental cases, as well as those involving implants. He has been certified by the NADL in Crown & Bridge, Ceramics and Partial Denture and Full Denture Specialties. Andy’s 43 years of experience benefits not only the technicians he works with, but affords him a very comfortable working relationship with his doctors. Andy has been married 37 years and has four children with his wife, Shelby.

Jeff McCutchan

C.D.T., Head Ceramist

Jeff holds an A.S.S. degree in dental technology from Triton College. He has been certified in Ceramics by the NADL. Jeff’s 30 years experience shows in the exceptional esthetics created by the Ceramics/Crown & Bridge departments. Jeff has been married for 30 years and has two daughters with his wife, Sharon.

Waldemar Ignatowicz

Crown & Bridge Specialist

Immigrating with his family from Krakow, Poland in 1978, Waldemar reflects fondly on experiencing “The American Dream” as a young man.  His natural artistic passion soon found a home in the dental laboratory.  He obtained his CDT in Crown & Bridge in 1996, his specialty at the time fabricating veneers. Appreciating the technological advances and continuing education, Waldemar continues in his craft, producing outstanding esthetic results.  Waldemar has one daughter

Gabriel Gomez

Denture Specialist

Gabriel graduated Chicago Institute of Technology in 1973 with certifications in dentures, C&B and ceramics and earned his CDT in ceramics in 1985. Gabriel instructed C&B ceramics for nine years at CIT  until becoming a full time dental technician.

Shelby Becker


Our Team


"Great quality, great service and the best turnaround of the dozen labs I've tried!"

Dr. John B., Cary, IL

"I did the whole cost-cutting thing with the predictable results.  I got tired of apologizing to patients for inferior appliances.  SDL gets all of my cases now."

"Jeff's work is outstanding!  Unsurpassed quality and esthetics!"

Dr. Steve H., Palatine IL

Dr. Michael, Arlington Heights, IL

“Andy is a man of his word and values patient comfort and satisfaction as much as I do.”

Dr. Doug, Elgin, IL

“I've been doing business with Satisfaction Dental for over 29 years and have sent them over 5,000 cases.  Every way I measure this lab, it is the best!”

Dr. Vince, Wheaton, IL

I can count on Satisfaction for quality, consistency, and personal service.  Their service gets the highest possible score.” 

Dr. Brett., Cary, IL

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Contact Us

161 N. Edison Avenue

Elgin, Illinois  60123


​text 224-828-0190

fax 224-856-5790


Laboratory Hours

Monday – Friday  7AM – 5PM


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